Stay cool for hours while protecting your neck from direct sunlight. The TrueCrest Evaporative Cooling Hard Hat  with Neck Shade provides extensive cooling with hooks that securely and easy attach to most industrial hard hats of various sizes.

  • 11.6" by 11.8" coverage across back of neck
  • Polycotton material with cooling crystals at crown
  • Combines cooling comfort with neck protection from the sun
  • One size fits all - securely attaches onto different sized hard hats
  • Cools to 30℉ below average body temperature
  • UPF 50 Chemical free cooling with reflective strips
  • Soak in water for 10-20 minutes, squeeze out excess to activate - cooling effects last for hours

Applications: Construction, automotive, mining, farming, medical/emergency services, food services, oil rigging, industrial sites, sporting events.

Care Instruction: Always store in clean, dry conditions. Do not store in places subject to direct, strong sunlight.

TrueCrest Cooling Hard Hat Neck Shade Blue