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This is a woven fabric with long loops that can absorb large amounts of water. Its content is  100% cotton.

We offer a full terry towel with optimal absorbency for cleaning with low-lint that will keep your kitchen and catering glassware and silverware lint-free and sparkling at an economical price.

Featuring a quality design with smooth, clean stitching, this white towel ensures dependable use, every time. It weighs 18 oz. per dozen, making it a versatile solution to most surfaces cleanup. A staple in most commercial kitchens, shops, and bars alike, this towel makes quick work of cleaning up most messes, and is perfect for use with sanitizing surfaces, too!

  • 100% high-grade absorbent cotton
  • Narrow-ribbed construction for strength and durability
  • Great for cleaning up spills, wiping off countertops, and more
  • Ideal for bars, kitchens, shops, and more
  • Perfect for all duty applications
  • 14 x 16 In

Buy by the bulk: 1,200 pcs for only  $400

Terry Towel 50 pcs

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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