The industrial metal letter stencils are made for multiple uses and will last for years. When the most durable stencil is required, our aluminum and steel stencils are a customer favorite. We work with glass stencils too.  Each glass stencil can be reused between 15-20 times depending on the amount of pressure, care of use, the distance between the tip of the blasting gun and the stencil, and the type of abrasive (we recommend between 180-220 grit size preferably 220), glass stencils flexible, multi-use stencils easily adhere to various shaped objects, allowing you to etch, Sand Etch, or paint on glass, mirror, ceramics and other non-porous surfaces to create beautiful designs.

As with all our stencils, these popular industrial metal or glass stencils can be ordered in just about any font and size.

Please contact us for pricing and for more information and your preferred adjustments, we are here always happy to help. Phone: (818) 302-67-99  E-mail:  Address: 11011 San Fernando Rd, Pacoima, CA 91331

Stencil made of metal or glass