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  • LIGHTWEIGHT BEANIE, SUN SHADE, BANDANA, ETC. - Protective headwear is extremely versatile. Wear it like a lightweight beanie, neck gaiter, sun shield, multiwrap, bandana, headband, face mask, balaclava, neck warmer, skullcap, etc. Wear it to stay cool while working under the sun or warm while skiing and snowboarding.
  • HIGH-TECH VISIBILITY - Available in two neon fluorescent color yellow, these neck gaiters are highly visible. A genuine 3M reflective strip offers enhanced nighttime visibility. This high-vis head scarf keeps you safe on the roads while riding your bike or working construction. Wear this neck protector in combination with your hard hat for ultimate protection and visibility.
  • PROTECT NECK AND FACE FROM SUN - This tube-style neck and face cover offers UV protection to shield you from the sun. It provides shade for your neck and face, keeping the heat of the sun off your skin. It also offers effective protection against other elements such as rain, wind, cold weather, snow, and dust.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, MOISTURE-WICKING AND BREATHABLE - Made from soft, stretchable, and seamless microfiber, this 100% polyester neck sleeve is extremely comfortable. This high-tech fabric draws out moisture and carries it away from your body so it can easily evaporate. As moisture is wicked away, the result is a pleasant cooling effect on your face and neck.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - This neck gaiter was designed to provide a perfect fit for both men and women, boys and girls. It can even be worn by dogs. It’s also adaptable for a variety of activities. Use it to play golf and shield your neck from the sun, keep warm while hunting and fishing, protect your neck while playing paintball and airsoft, and keep dust out of your face while racing motocross.

High Visibility Reflective Safety Face Clothing - Neck Gaiter, Bandana Dust Mask

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